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Committee Descriptions

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Develops and oversees a budget, financial and resources, develops policies and procedures, accountability, and related reporting to funders and external resources. The Finance Committee will help ensure maximization and stewardship of donated and granted resources.

RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: Works to secure grants, donations, and other resources for the RC Long Term Recovery Team and coordinates with other entities (eg manufacturers, suppliers, etc.) to secure donations. This committee will work closely with the Finance Committee.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: Provide advice and general estimates for rebuilding projects. The construction manager will provide homeowner with qualified VOAD construction members that will come in and do the actual work. The contractors will have liability insurance. The homeowner will act as the general contractor.

CASE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: Reviews cases presented to them by Disaster Case Management for submission to the UnMet Needs Committee.

UNMET NEEDS COMMITTEE: Receives and acts on referrals from Case Management Committee. Consists of members and non-members bringing money (cash financial support), materials (donations, equipment, supplies, furniture, appliances, etc), or muscle (volunteer labor crews and expertise) to meet the needs of individuals who have been served by the case management process.

SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL CARE: Coordinates the spiritual and emotional support for survivors, caregivers, volunteers, and community. This committee also provides and marshals professionals to provide counseling to address emotional or spiritual needs of clients.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: Coordinates the internal and external communication materials, including web and social media, liaison with the media, print, and audio as well as working with the chair of the Steering Committee to determine messages.

VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: Oversees the recruitment, coordination, training, and recognition of volunteers. Assists with the coordination of housing of the volunteers. All volunteers need to sign the Release of Liability Form.

NON-MONETARY DONATIONS COMMITTEE: Oversees warehousing, receiving, sorting and distributing non-monetary donations, such as food, tools, clothing, building materials, etc.

If you or your organization would like to donate items such as furniture, household items, used cars, shopping on Amazon for housing needs, the Donations Committee and Case Managers will work with you to match up a client who has needs.  We cannot store these items for you, but if you could keep them for the client until their homes are ready, the clients would be very appreciative.

Randolph County in east central Indiana was founded by Quaker settlers from North Carolina in 1818 with Winchester named as the county seat. Its early history is marked by an embrace of abolitionism, growth of towns with Civil War railroad expansion, and industry surrounding oil, natural gas, glass, and auto part manufacturing. In the 1900s, the county’s citizens met changing needs with educational and political leadership, producing an exemplar for rural schools across the nation and several state legislative leaders.

Heading into the 21st century, dedicated residents of Winchester, Union City, & Farmland (and other unincorporated cities/towns) have focused on historical preservation, heritage tourism, and support of the arts.

Meet Our Team

Executive Director    
Steve James

Ceann Bales

Emotional and Spiritual      
Cheryl Zell

Nicki Owens

Physical  Donations  
Eldon Solomon

Case Management  
Anita Hines, Interim Chairman

Laurie James

Jes Brandon

Construction Management       
Monte Poling

Finance Manager    
Morgan Howard

Nancy Chalfant

Cris Fine

Volunteer Management  
Pat Neville

A Little About Our County…

Business and Industry

  • Glass products & molds
  • Quarter-sawn lumber
  • Gold & fine metals
  • Auto parts manufacturing
  • Pies & baked goods
  • Wind energy & ethanol


  • Mom, Baseball, & Apple Pie Festival – Winchester
  • Labor Day Softball Marathon – Winchester
  • Mardi Gras Festival – Winchester
  • State Line Heritage Days – Union City
  • A Community Christmas – Union City
  • Winchester 400 Race – Winchester
  • Spring & Summer Farmer’s Markets
  • Randolph County 4-H Fair